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Cold and Flu Remedies

Cold and Flu Natural Remedies to ease symptoms of colds and flu. Natural, herbal remedies to relieve symptoms of cold and flu. Free shipping.

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Nature's Way Lozenge Organic Elderberry Zinc (24 Count) Nature's Way Dry Vit D 400 Iu (1x100CAP ) Nature's Way C 500 W/Bioflv (1x100CAP )
Nature's Way Echinacea Astragalus and Reishi (100 Capsules) Aura Cacia Peppermint Essential Oil Box (1x.5 Oz) Nature's Answer Immune Boost Immune Boost (1x1 fl Oz)
Nature's Way Sambucus Immune Lozenges (1x30 Lozenges) Nature's Way Sambucus Immune Syrup (8 fl Oz)

Cold and Flu Remedies

All Natural and Herbal remedies for fast relief of the symptoms of colds and flu. Do you want to feel better more quickly after your office mate shared their yucky germies with you? Do you want to breathe easier? Do you want to get rid of that aching in your throat, head, and body ASAP? Do you want to kick that coughing and sneezing that is turning your face funny colors? Get cold and flu remedies and nip that cold or flu in the bud.

In addition to that trusty box of tissues next to your bed, cold and flu remedies are tools in your tool box to get you back to your usual self. These cold and flu remedies will help to relieve the symptoms with lozenges that will cool the pain in your throat and have the great taste of natural ingredients. The cold and flu remedies can reduce the congestion with herbs that gramdma used to clear the mucous and relieve your suffering. Cold and Flu remedies make breathing easier by soothing your lungs, increasing their function and help you to expell yuckies that are making you feel so misearable.

Cold and Flu Remedies will make recovering from that cold or flu easier, less stressful, and have you smiling and back to your regular activities lickety split.

We always provide free shipping to get your Cold and Flu Remedies to you as quicly as possible. Take Advantage of our free shipping and start feeling better soon.